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If you know, without a doubt, that you've found your passion in filmmaking, that this is what you want to do for the rest of your life, professionally...

- OR -

... if you're a parent, and your teen's devotion to filmmaking has you a bit unsettled (why can't they just study medicine or law?) while causing some loss of sleep (or hair) over his or her desired future in an unknown and highly competitive industry...


Because what follows could just turn out to be the unexpected answer to your prayers when you discover the massive advantage you have right now over others who've had THIS happen to them:

"Mom, Dad... I'm going to be a movie director when I grow up."



Surely this is a hobby, nothing more...

just a passing phase...

... right?


For the first time in history, nearly every teen out there has HD filmmaking technology in their pockets.

And they're using it:  Shooting on smartphones, GoPros, DSLRs and more; editing on their phones or laptops, and uploading to YouTube & beyond all the time.

But what's most amazing?

There's not much out there yet in the way of
film education for teens.

In Other Words:

You and your filmmaker stand at the threshold of an enormous opportunity.

There is, at this moment in history, a gap in education.
The world hasn't quite caught up yet, so there's virtually nada out there in the way of structured film education geared specifically for teenagers.

See your opportunity?

It's almost unfair, you finding us:  Think about it...


Step 1 - Enroll your student in a quality filmmaking program, made just for teens, ASAP.

Step 2 - Partner with him or her, encouraging ongoing practice using the program on one short film project after another.  The whole idea is 'learn by doing' - the right way - pre-film school.  Enable your teen to become a fully proficient, skilled filmmaker before a college-level film school, so that:

Step 3 - Once at a college-level film school, your young filmmaker, already quite skilled, can capitalize on the time and abundant resources available to students to produce a quality feature-length film (aim for 90 minutes) - while the majority of fellow classmates struggle just to make a short film that makes sense.

That feature film, done well, will set your young filmmaker light years ahead of his or her classmates.  It is the holy grail of access into Hollywood as a truly legitimate film director.

And following this path, it can be finished before graduation.

... No brainer.


Most film classes focus more on the equipment vs. really teaching about what makes a good film, the story and the value that specific shots really hold. This is most definitely the best film class I have attended.

Jonathan, 10th Grade

See, the thing most people don't understand, amazingly, is that there's so much more to it than just setting up a camera and pressing the red button.

How To Make Much Better Short Films
... the smart way.

If you're reading this, then you've probably (at least once) gazed longingly at the professional, Hollywood gear the big boys & girls shoot their films with and sighed, "if only I had that gear, I could make amazing movies, too..."

Almost everyone does. 🙂

But maybe you didn't know the art of great film is SO NOT about the tech.


So your goal is?

To engage viewers on an EMOTIONAL level.


  • Quickly come up with great short film ideas that you can shoot -- easily.
  • Hook your audience's interest and never let go, using the principles of great story structure.
  • Visualize & storyboard shots strategically designed to elicit specific, intended emotional responses from your viewers.
  • Cast, rehearse & direct actors - using powerful, insider know-how - for your best performances ever.
  • Follow the same pre-production workflow used in Hollywood to prep, strategize & schedule your shoot - which will drastically increase your shoot day productivity... meaning more time on set for creativity!
  • Understand what's okay (and what just isn't cool at all) when you're running a set full of eager volunteers - many of them just as creative as you!

And most importantly...

  • Harness countless shooting & editing techniques and much, much more to elevate basic videography to cinematic storytelling that engages hearts on a cathartic, emotional roller coaster audiences will want to enjoy again and again.

YES - even if you're brand new to this - these outcomes are totally within reach for you and your filmmaking...

... But they DO depend on you taking a dedicated, step-by-step approach.

One that (almost literally) holds you by the hand, guiding you through the entire process, while avoiding all the random distractions (hello, YouTube?) that can derail your progress...

So if you're still with me, then I couldn't
be more excited to introduce you to...



The result is a comprehensive IMPLEMENTATION PROGRAM designed to teach your teen not only the high-level theory & aesthetics that make the great films great, but also the actual execution of how you can level-up your filmmaking to a whole new awesome, too... right now.

Plus a wide open, virtual vault spilling over with cheat sheets, checklists, swipe files, templates and more.

All designed specifically to make sure you're super supported, to guide you by the hand through every step of your filmmaking journey.

After-School Film School is the very first program of its kind.

  • We Focus On Moving Audiences

    … Not on expensive gear.  Admittedly the gear is cool, but if you can’t create an emotional experience for your audience, so what?

  • Artistic, Not Fancy-Pants

    While we respect the erudite & lofty, we don’t do that here.  We keep it smart but fun.  No young brains exploding allowed.

  • All Online, Go-At-Your-Own-Pace

    Access the course materials & video lessons any time & anywhere you have web access, and learn as slow or as fast as you like!

  • Age-Appropriate Content

    We’re keepin’ it clean with zero R-rated movie clips or examples anywhere within the course.

  • Guided Step-By-Step Implementation

    We guide you through the entire A-to-Z professional filmmaking process, simplified for teens, so you never have to feel alone.

  • Opportunity For Feedback

    … through a private online community of fellow ASFS students where teen filmmakers can exchange ideas and input.


•  How to come up with your story idea – often the hardest part?  Not any more.

•  Why outlining your script before you write is SO key, and how to do it.  Easily.

•  Why becoming a skilled screenwriter is crucial to your success as a visual storyteller – and how to do it well.

•  What to look for and how to look for it when you revise, plus tips for efficient writing and the ruthless pursuit of excellence!

•  Visualize and storyboard your shots.  How to get visually creative and design your shots, strategically, for IMPACT.

•  Breaking down your script into the many various components that will help you prepare yourself and your crew for a smooth and organized shoot.

•  Creating your shot list and turning it into a highly strategic shoot schedule to maximize your time and efficiency on set – which allows you more time to get creative in the moment!

•  Learn what a “tech scout” is, why it’ll make your shoot even more efficient, and how to execute your own, no matter where you’re shooting.

•  Find the right actors through casting sessions… knowing exactly what to look for in their auditions.  (Hint:  It’s not about looking like the picture in your head!)

•  How to analyze and break down your script the way professional directors do – to prepare f0r and execute an indispensable and fun rehearsal (a step far too many newbie filmmakers overlook… to their own detriment).

•  Learn how to design & find your perfect crew (and get them excited & ready to go when they’ve never done this before!), plus learn what the heck a “Gaffer” is (among others), and why wearing too many hats yourself is just a plain bad idea.

•  Learn what a “call sheet” is and how to make sure your crew doesn’t forget anything.  Also, we’ll talk about how to make them really glad they helped you (even if you didn’t pay them)!

•  How to prepare yourself (it’s mental and physical) so you’re as ready as you can be for an awesome shoot!

•  Shoot the film!  There’s SO much more to it than just pressing “record”!  Run your shoot like a pro by learning how to:

~ Set the stage, right off the bad, for a great shoot day – for everyone.

~ Mini-rehearse the crew for technically precise, well-coordinated takes.

~ Slate your takes and more for excellent production sound.

~ Direct your actors with compassion, professionalism a toolbox full of counter-intuitive tips and tricks that will nurture their creativity and their performances in a big way.

~ Keep the production moving without getting stuck in a crippling cycle of perfectionism and other time-wasters.

~ Assess & monitor your progress through the shoot day to keep yourself and your entire production running on time!

~ Win the love and respect of your cast, your crew & your location owners, and make people happy to help you on your next production, too!

•  Let nothing go to waste!  Recap to learn from your shoot experience.

•  Edit the film!  Make much better films by learning how to:

~ Prepare, synchronize & assemble the elements of your short film.

~ Fine tune your edit to “Picture Lock” by building on foundational editing concepts (like continuity, geography, increasing intimacy or tension, “POV” and character identification, and tips for smoother edits to name a few!) with pro-level tips on scene transitions, passages of time, and much, much more.

~ Fine tune dialogue and sound effects to seriously smooth & fill out the feel of your created world.

~ Navigate the various options for acquiring the best music for your film.

~ Finish like a pro by going the extra mile (that really shouldn’t be “extra”) with adjustments to the color, contrast & sharpness of your images.

•  Reward yourself for a great job phenomenally well-done (!) with a screening of your finished masterpiece!

And, to make sure you're super supported every step of the way, you'll get lifetime access to the course, to guide you through short film project after project --

Plus, these


Bonus #1


($995.00 Value)

Wish you had some way of coming up with more money for your film shoot?  We've got you covered!

Shooting Real Life For Money is a quick mini-course that walks you step-by-step through the entire process, from start to finish, of how to begin making money with your own high quality event videography business, on the side -- before you graduate high school.

Gotta make money somehow, right?  Might as well use the skills you're already developing with After-School Film School.  Here's why:

  • Shooting event videos for clients will earn you a LOT more money than delivering pizzas!
  • Shooting event videos will also serve to develop your filmmaking skills even more than you already are, with all the extra practice you'll get from event videography gigs.

Shooting Real Life For Money covers everything from attracting & landing a client, to prepping & executing the shoot, to editing real life and finally to delivering (and getting PAID for!) a high quality video presentation of your client's special event.  If you've got a way to shoot and edit video, then you have a great way to make money... starting now.

Bonus #2


($1,500.00 Value)

In this private, students-only video our good friend Matt Davis, recognized by EventDV Magazine as one of the top 25 event videographers in the WORLD, sits down with us for a half-hour, one-on-one chat where he shares top-tier know-how to help you get started right, making money with the skills you're already developing through After-School Film School.  He reveals:

  • What makes truly great event video outshine the rest...
  • Awesome music resources & how to protect yourself by doing it right...
  • How to figure out how much to charge for your work...
  • Common mistakes to avoid when you're just getting started...
  • How to find new clients, even as a beginner...
  • Contracts & insurance...
  • How to close the deal... and much, much more!

This exclusive interview works hand-in-hand with Bonus #1 to give you the industry expert's edge!

Bonus #3


($450.00 Value)

There are two fundamental (and legal) ways to get more money for your short film:

  1.  Earn it.
  2.  Just ask for it!

As strange as this might initially sound, there are people in the world who recognize and appreciate drive and self-discipline -- especially in a teenager!  And some of these people may be willing to donate funds to help an ambitious and focused young filmmaker realize their goals.

... a young filmmaker like you!

Think of this mini-course as your roadmap, showing you step-by-step how to put together and present a compelling "package" that, if done well, can easily cause a potential donor to sit up and take notice of you and your efforts, and give you your best chances at raising money for any well-developed project.

Bonus #4



syn•er•gy - a mutually advantageous conjunction or compatibility of distinct business participants or elements (such as resources or efforts)

This is a group of ambitious, fellow teen filmmakers committed to making their best short films ever.

While the After-School Film School program DOES guide you step-by-step through every leg of your filmmaking journey, this unique, private group provides something truly special:  A community of like-minded young filmmakers, all traveling the same road as you, with whom you can:

  • Tap into the collective knowledge, experience and insights of others who've gone before you...
  • Crowdsource & develop fresh story ideas, then test'em out before you shoot...
  • Get quick answers to any filmmaking issues you may encounter...
  • Exchange feedback with others & get input on your work...
  • Cross-promote with your new tribe of supporters to help you get your finished films out there...

You taught me even more about the storyboard process & the artwork involved to communicate ideas to the film crew. You showed me everything about filming, from camera angles, operating the boom microphone, audio, and acting. It was a blast and I think it turned out really well.

Fisher, 12th Grade

And if that weren't enough...


After-School Film School is an ideal "STEAM" program... What's that?

That's Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts & Mathematics.  It's an approach to education that prepares kids to engage real-world challenges far more effectively than traditional, one-at-a-time subject learning can.

See, traditional education teaches Math. And then Science. Then later, Art class, and so on... However the reality in life is, application of knowledge is interwoven, multi-layered and sophisticated.
Project-based learning systems like ASFS allow for a much more real world application of disciplines where (to quote educationcloset.com) students engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process.  These are the innovators, educators, leaders and learners of the 21st century!

So After-School Film School, more than just a whole lot of fun, is an ideal interdisciplinary, project-focused educational experience kids love to sink their teeth into!




  • You could stop *dreaming* of great film ideas that never actually make it out of your head, stop *talking* about making that film, and actually hit the ground running - now - with the included 60-DAY SHORT FILM PROJECT PLANNER...
  • You could learn how to write, prep, shoot & edit your best short films ever, all from a single, step-by-step program designed just for YOU by an award-winning professional... instead of bouncing from one random, online tutorial video to another, or attending a short-lived film camp that shows you how to use equipment no one can afford...
  • You could supplement your teen's education with a creatively rewarding & INSPIRING program that, by its very nature, produces in its students a self-motivation to improve vital life skills like clear, concise communication, collaboration, budgeting, time management, critical thinking and so much more...
  • You had the tools to start NOW to position yourself as a highly skilled filmmaker BEFORE film school, massively empowering your chances for success in the film industry beyond...


After-School Film School has been a huge blessing to us.  My 13 year old had so much interest and desire and even a movie script in mind, but no real training.  This class gave her the tools to do it, and do it well.  Buck’s enthusiasm and teaching style made the class fun & made the massive amount of information understandable and accessible.  My daughter loved the experience, and as parents we were very pleased with the process, the value & the outcome. We highly recommend After-School Film School for anyone interested in making your films great!  The online class is an excellent way to have all the information at your fingertips, to read and study on your own time & have readily available when you’re ready to implement the steps.  This has been a great blessing & an answer to prayer!

Laurie McDonald, Very Happy Mom


When you join After-School Film School during this special, introductory period, you'll get:

  • 1

    The FULL After-School Film School course - ($4,000.00 Value)

    Instant access to all four modules featuring over six hours of video lessons, plus cheat sheets, checklists, templates, audio downloads & more.

  • 2

    BONUS #1 - Shooting Real Life For Money - ($995.00 Value)

    This mini-course walks you step-by-step through the entire process, from start to finish, of how to begin making money with your own high quality event videography business... before you graduate high school.

  • 3

    BONUS #2 - Secrets From The Top: Matt Davis On Event Videography - ($1,500.00 Value)

    Our pal Matt Davis of Life Stage Films, recognized as one of the top 25 videographers IN THE WORLD (!), sits down with us to share a half-hour's worth of juicy, expert know-how to get you started making money faster, smarter.

  • 4

    BONUS #3 - Fundraising Your Film - ($500.00 Value)

    This step-by-step road map helps you develop & deliver a compelling "package" that, if done well, can inspire the right donor to sit up and take notice, and give you your best shot at raising funds for any well-developed project.

  • 5

    BONUS #4 - Access to the Private, ASFS Members-Only Facebook Group - (Priceless)

    With this group of ambitious, fellow teen filmmakers committed to making their best short films ever, you'll have the opportunity to get quick answers, exchange feedback & receive input on your work, and more.

All in all, that's a total value of $6,995...

But because I’m so excited to welcome you into this brand new course (and get you started making your best films ever right now), I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in After-School Film School TODAY during this special introductory period at the limited-time, promo price of just…



√   Lifetime access to After-School Film School
√   Shooting Real Life For Money
√   Secrets From The Top, With Matt Davis
√   Fundraising Your Film
√   Private Feedback & Inspiration Group
√   Cheat Sheets, Checklists & Templates




Save $94 Immediately!

√   Lifetime access to After-School Film School
√   Shooting Real Life For Money
√   Secrets From The Top, With Matt Davis
√   Fundraising Your Film
√   Private Feedback & Inspiration Group
√   Cheat Sheets, Checklists & Templates



Still unsure?  --  No worries!

I want to give you every opportunity to jump in and take this unique moment in history by the horns now, before it's gone...

So I'm giving you a full TWO MONTHS to go through the program risk free... to apply every lesson to your own project & start making your best short films ever, right away, right now.

And if you get in touch within 60 days to show me you've done all the work (you have to show me proof!), but for some crazy reason STILL haven't seen any improvement in your filmmaking, then I will be happy to return your investment in full.

But you DO have to do the work.

After-School Film School is for kids who are really committed to doing this 100% and seeing awesome results.  And honestly, with the sheer volume of information you get, carefully crafted to suit the needs of kids, ages 13-18, and broken down into a super simple step-by-step method that anybody can follow, seeing incredible results really should be a no-brainer.

My goal, and the After-School Film School mission, is for our kids to be the best young filmmakers college level film-schools have ever seen.  I want you to succeed BIG TIME because you've been to After-School Film School!  Click the button below, and I'll see you inside...

I can't wait to see what you create!




√   Lifetime access to After-School Film School
√   Shooting Real Life For Money
√   Secrets From The Top, With Matt Davis
√   Fundraising Your Film
√   Private Feedback & Inspiration Group
√   Cheat Sheets, Checklists & Templates




Save $94 Immediately!

√   Lifetime access to After-School Film School
√   Shooting Real Life For Money
√   Secrets From The Top, With Matt Davis
√   Fundraising Your Film
√   Private Feedback & Inspiration Group
√   Cheat Sheets, Checklists & Templates



Can I access the entire course right away? +

YES!  As soon as you enroll, you’ll be sent an email welcoming you to the family and providing your private login details.  Simply click the course link in the email, enter those login details when prompted, and you’re off to the races!

Will there be updates to the course? +


**As a matter of fact, we have plans already in the works to shoot a LOT more material to enhance the existing video lessons!  That being the case, however, we will be raising our prices as soon as that upgrade to the video lessons is complete.  SO...

Join today while the price is still crazy-low, and every future upgrade to this course is yours FREE for being part of the family!

My kid's already making short films... will this improve his/her results, or is it just for total beginners? +

As a matter of fact, we guarantee that a dedicated, focused approach to this course will definitely improve your teen’s results, whether or not he or she is a complete beginner.  And we’re so sure of it that we're backing your investment with a 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee (you can find details here).  So After-School Film School speaks to the brand new filmmaker, but because we deliver so much professional-level industry knowledge, we know any teen can benefit lots!

How much does it cost to produce a short film? +

The amount of money you spend to produce your own short films will depend entirely on the scope of it.  It’s absolutely possible to shoot a great short film for nothing (think minimal) - or, you could easily inflate your budget with a lot of cast & crew, fancy equipment and shoots that span multiple days.  The thing to keep firmly in mind is that the size of your budget in no way correlates to the quality of your film!  Big budget or no budget, it’s all okay - but it is up to you to manage the scope of your project based on the resources you have available to you.  We go into much greater detail on this topic inside the course.

Technology is always advancing & I can't afford to keep up with it... so am I wasting time learning this? +

One of the keys here is that while technology is really neat, it is only a tool.  What we’re all about at After-School Film School is telling stories with pictures.  And mastering the art & craft of visual storytelling will always be a hugely-rewarding, vital & life-enriching pursuit for any passionate filmmaker, regardless of the tools used.

How many hours do I need to invest to get results? +

How many hours you invest is ultimately up to you, however I recommend a consistent, focused approach to accomplish as much as you’re able to each week.  To complete the course in 60 days, plan to invest about 60 minutes per week watching the lessons, and another 4-5 hours per week putting them into action.  (Of course, when it comes to your actual shoot, you should plan on at least one full day to shoot all your scenes -- depending on the scope of your project!)

I've got a pretty busy life already... how am I gonna fit this in? +

Life can be hectic, no doubt about it - and we’ve got you covered here, too.  You’ve got school, homework, maybe a sport, an instrument to practice or just a lot of quality time with friends... not to mention family and responsibilities at home (that’s a lot)!  So I’ve included with this course your own 60-Day Short Film Project Planner, created especially for you, to help you schedule this program around all of life’s necessary distractions.

Who is this "Buckley Hubbard"?? +

Well hey there!  By now you're definitely wondering who the heck this is, speaking to you… My name is Buckley Hubbard, and I've been a professional in the Hollywood film industry my entire adult life (but I’m really not that old yet… am I?)  I've worked a wide variety of positions, from Storyboard Artist to Driver (of stars like James Franco, Alec Baldwin & Matthew McConaughey, to name just a few), from Screenwriter to Actor and much more... But my passion has always been telling stories with pictures through my own films - which I’ve produced every chance I get (that’s writing, directing & editing)!  All these years of experience and practice in the creation of both my own personal projects and major motion pictures adds up to a pretty well-rounded, wide and telephoto view of what it takes to create truly great movies... no matter what equipment you're using!  And I’m so excited, now, to have this opportunity to share it with you!

"This class was amazing and fun!!!!!!"

Rachel Rachel
7th Grade


If you have any other questions about the course or how to enroll, we're ready to help! Email responses typically arrive within 24 hours.